A place where it's alive early morning, noon, evening and until midnight - BACKSTAGE BAR.

In the morning you can have your favourite BACKSTAGE COFFEE with a croissant to go and in the evening you can sit down with friends for a drink. The original island bar concept dominates the modern interior of BACKSTAGE BAR with a range of domestic and international beers, carefully selected wines and spirits.


You can enjoy our great coffee in the restaurant, at the bar and in the lobby bar, and we will prepare it to go everywhere. Santos Brazilian Arabica and other top-quality Arabica beans from Central America (Mexico, Guatemala, Santo Domingo, Colombia) processed in the "wet way" bring a rich sweetness and aroma to this fine espresso blend.

The great taste and creamy foam is given by the admixture of Indian and African coffee beans.

Typical Northern Italian fine roasting ensures an overall rich and creamy espresso.

Ingredients of BACKSTAGE COFFEE:

80% Arabica

20% Robusta

aroma: intense, sweet, with fruity tangerine notes

taste: strong but pleasant chocolatey lingering taste

acidity: delicate and mild

BACKSTAGE COFFEE #feeltheheartbeat



6:30 - 23:00